When you purchase an exclusive 1 hour It Factor Activation Session with Lisa, you’ll walk away with one or more of the following:

An upleveled version of your Umbrella Brand with a minimum of 10 tagline options that align with your mission, message, purpose, and personality

Revised, revamped, and upleveled homepage messaging for your next level website

Buzz worthy and on brand product and/or program names, and a lucrative launch plan for the next 12 months

A magnetizing and monetizable marketing strategy to message, market, and monetize your Lucrative Launch

A 30 day Visibility Plan for social media that vibes with your tribe, and instantly catapults your credibility, visibility, and bankability as an upleveled brand that attracts upscale clients

A draft of your Sizzling Speaker One Sheet so you can book speaking engagements

Buzz worthy chapter titles for your next book

Irresistible media pitch emails and show segment ideas that will help you book yourself as an expert on TV

All hand delivered via email within 48 hours in your It Factor Brand & Biz Guide!

Yes! Lisa, I’m ready to Uplevel My Brand and Upscale My Business!



lisawinstonTears. You are so fucking - did I say fucking?? - amazing! Love your rewrite of my homepage. Love the vision you captured for me. Love the energy I got from just 60 minutes with you. The excitement and clarity you provided is generating heat! Holy moly! Honestly, booking this session is the best business decision I've made. See, I knew I loved you as a soul sister, but I also knew that you had your inner fire together and I was to follow in your sparkly footsteps!”

– Lisa Winston, Authenticity Coach




If you’re ready to step up, stand out, and START living in alignment with your brand uplevel so you can attract upscale clients to your business, don’t miss this opportunity to work with the best and get hands-on help upleveling and upscaling!

Lisa’s 60 Minute It Factor Activation Session is customized for exactly where you are in your brand and business today.

If you’re just starting out, these sessions provide:

Clarity on the exact brand message to start magnetizing your ideal fans, customers, clients, and opportunities

A plan for messaging and marketing your services to make money quickly

Hands-on help crafting your magnetizing messaging for your website

What your Upleveled Brand Image is and how to create it online in the next 30 days

How to Uplevel your website look, feel, and energy to attract Upscale clients


If you’re more advanced, these sessions provide:

Actual messaging for your Speaker One Sheet or Chapter Titles of your iconic book

Upleveled messaging for your website

Revamped + ready to rock names and taglines for your services and offerings

A Marketing Plan for sustainable success in the next 12 months

How to uplevel your brand image, energy, and essence online

How to upscale your pricing, offerings, and online awareness to attract bigger, better opportunities


Either way, this session is designed to help you:

1  Rise to the top of your industry as a visible and influential expert whose knowledge is highly sought after.

2 Create a realistic and easy to follow Messaging, Marketing, Magnetism, + Monetization Plan for the next 6-12 months.

3 Attract and cultivate lasting relationships with your ideal clients, customers, and fans.

4  Magnetize irresistible opportunities to you like book deals, TV and other media appearances, speaking engagements, affiliate partnerships, and joint ventures, etc.




Yes! Lisa, I’m ready to uplevel my brand messaging, marketing,
and magnetism with your MogulPreneur Master Session!



Lisa Steadman is a best selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker, and highly sought after writer, producer, media personality, and mentor for visionary women who are DONE wasting time, money, energy, and effort flailing in their brands and businesses and ready to put a team behind their dream and uplevel their visibility, credibility, likability, and bankability.

“I’m passionate about taking the guess work out of your brand messaging, marketing, monetization, + magnetism. Your job is to be brilliant. My job is to make you brilliant, buzz worthy, and bankable!”   ~ Lisa