Brand Booty Camp – THE Online Training Program For Women In Business – Messaging. Marketing. Money. Magnetism. Mastery.

You've overpaid high end coaches... and have little to nothing to show for it!

You've enrolled in the big name programs... and walked away empty handed!

You've tried winging it, doing it all yourself, and find yourself more frustrated than ever before.

You're either going to quit...

Or get it right this time.

Brand Booty Camp is a 12-week virtual online training program involving a fun-filled, results-oriented journey into the heart, soul, and essence of Brand YOU.

Brought to you by writer, producer, mentor, and serial entrepreneur Lisa Steadman, this one-of-a-kind online training offers everything you need to know – in a step-by-step go at your own pace format with plenty of virtual support – to brand yourself once and for all as THE REAL YOU (yes, all of you), and unlock the truth about how to turn your brand messaging into marketing, magnetize your ideal clients and customers, step up and stand out on social media, and make more money while providing better service than your competition ever will.

Brand Booty Camp Raving Fans Say

Annamaria-PoluhaAfter years of searching, I finally found the right program and the right mentor. Lisa helped me find the words to not only brand my brilliance, but to give me the freedom to own, embody, and articulate what I’m really here to do. Brand Booty Camp represents my journey back to me. Lisa is such a special mentor. She got it – and she got me. My brand now stands for who I really am!”

– Annamaria Poluha, The Science of Slim & Sexy

Brand Booty Camp was exactly what I needed for launching my company. Lisa’s branding expertise enabled me to shift from overwhelm / confusion to clarity and focus, and to find just the right words that would capture my essence and my mission for my new logo, business cards, website, etc. SUCH a beautiful process Lisa guides us through. Her guidance, partnership, wisdom and overall awesomeness made this re-launch a complete and total dream.”

– Julie Ferman, Master of Matchmaking

Can I just tell you how inspired I am by your and your course, your ideas? In my heart and mind, you’re a true mentor and I’ll always think of you as one of – if not THE biggest – influence on my business and my process.”

– Sarah Ancalmo, Creative Director, Public Persona

WOWZA! Thanks to Brand Booty Camp, I was blessed to shift out of massive stress into snuggling with my brand. For years, I just couldn’t find my voice, my comfort, or my peace. Thanks to Lisa’s incredible mentorship, the gifts and ROI keep on coming. I learned to relax about who I am. I discovered the freedom to express ALL OF ME in my brand as I am and not as an impostor. Lisa inspires YOU to be you and to enjoy the process of stepping into your brand. Thank you Lisa Steadman for your brilliance in my life!”

– Lisa LaJoie, Spiritual Medium &  Bad Ass Business Intuitive

Brand Booty Camp

Consists of 12 Weeks of Step-By-Step, In Depth Online Training


Module 1

Session 1: Embrace Brand YOU: Bring all of you to the table as you create your ideal brand vision, voice, value, and visibility plan.

Session 2: Brand, Meet Business: Discover how to turn your passion and purpose into a profitable brand, platform, and business.

Session 3: Brand Magnetism: Step-by-step instruction to put the buzz in your branding – from your Umbrella Brand name, tagline, positioning, and distinctions that authentically vibe with your tribe.


Module 2
Magnetize Your Brand Messaging

Session 1: Create A Voice That's Vibrational: Unlock the answers to align your Umbrella Brand with your audience and start speaking their language YOUR way.

Session 2: Killer Content 10: Discover how to translate your brand voice into website copy, social media posts, marketing materials, email campaigns, blogs, videos, and more.

Session 3: Brand Magnetism: Get a step-by-step guide to fully embodying who you are as a brand – both online and offline.


Module 3:
Build Your Brand, Biz, + Broadcast Model

Session 1: Signature Services: Find out how to translate your greatest gifts into a signature process that magnetizes your ideal client/customer.

Session 2: Your Business Model: Turn your signature process into services your clients clamor for.

Session 3: Your Lucrative Launch Plan: Stop winging when money comes in and start creating a month by month plan Launch Plan from visibility to promotion to marketing to sales.


Module 4:
Build Your Visibility

Session 1: The Visibility Campaign: Turn your magnetizing brand messaging into meaningful online marketing that engages your audience without overtly selling anything.

Session 2: Magnetize Your Marketing: Turn your visibility campaign into a cash-generating system for closing clients and receiving rave reviews.

Session 3: Get Launched & Live: Using the templates and tools provided throughout Brand Booty Camp, you are ready to transform all that you've learned into a lucrative launch on your schedule!


All of the above is personally delivered to you in a digital archive so you can go at your own pace – AND you receive weekly emails from Lisa with that week's lesson and links, PLUS you get unlimited access to laser coaching with Lisa in a secret Facebook group for this program.


In addition to the audio trainings, the weekly emails and 
accountability exercises, and the secret Facebook group, you also
get these amazing bonuses worth $1,495

to support your success:

Bonus #1: (A $995 value)
The Ultimate Service Provider's Messaging + Marketing Bible

featuring sample copy for each and every piece of marketing you'll EVER need to create including:

  • Sample Visibility campaign content (Facebook posts and tweets that vibe with your tribe)
  • Every Free Call Asset you'll ever need to host your very own free call and upsell your audience into a paying program – including free call page copy, thank you pages, email campaigns, free call scripts, and more!
  • Sample sales pages so you can see exactly how to write your own
  • Sample speaker one sheets
  • Sample media pitches
  • Sample video scripts so you can start shooting your own videos


Bonus #2: (A $500 value)
Lisa's Brand Your Assets Weekly Bonus Exercises

featuring 3 key questions to ask yourself each week for even more brand clarity + refinement – delivered via email with laser coaching available with Lisa in the Facebook group


Lisa is pure branding genius! In Brand Booty Camp, you learn how to master the way you show up across social platforms, how you get others on board with your purpose or mission, and how to create a base of raving fans. Working with her was the best investment I've made in my business!"

– Michelle Lange, On-Camera Coach/Producer/Media Strategist

Working with Lisa in Brand Booty Camp changed my business! She gave form to my ideas and set me on a path that celebrates my vision, mission, and brand all while helping me see that the Woohoo that I do is bankable! Working with Lisa has been the most profitable step I have taken in my business so far."

– Kareen Turner,

I'm so grateful to Lisa and Brand Booty Camp. It really has made people look at me in a different way. One of the best gifts I received is the ability to be comfortable with myself and who I REALLY am. This person has always been here, but was hidden by society's standards. That alone is priceless."

– Felicia Pratt, CEO,

It had been a year since my 'Renaissance' had started... for my business, my brand and myself, and yet, I still wasn't shouting it from the rooftops. If anything, I had kept it on the lowdown thinking 'As soon as I get my ducks in a row, I'll tell more people.' I finally had the epiphany that there was no way I could do my own client work and do the work I needed to do to take my own brand to the next level without help. Lisa's energy, success, and kindness helped me recognize that she would be the perfect person to get me where I needed to go. I was so right (instincts usually are!). With Lisa's help and encouragement, I successfully launched my new site, my first online offer, and feel like my 'ducks' truly are in alignment!”

– Jeannine Chanin Penn, Chief Creative Counsel,

If you don't already know how FABULOUS Lisa is, listen up. Everyday that goes by, I am more and more amazed at the beautiful person she is inside and out and on top of that SHE IS BRILLIANT! Love, love, love having Lisa as my mentor and in my life. Words CANNOT express how thankful I am for this incredible woman."

– Sandra Tibbs, Intelligent Leadership Development Expert

Here's What You'll Get From Brand Booty Camp

12 Complete Audio Training Modules, 12 Bonus Laser Coaching/Q&A Audios, Weekly Accountability Exercises, A Secret Facebook Group,  The Ultimate Service Provider's Messaging + Marketing Bible, Bonus  Gifts  Galore!


Enroll-Now& Choose Your Payment Option!

The total program value is $2,500 PLUS $1,495 in bonuses (totaling $3,995!)

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At Woohoo, Inc, we believe wholeheartedly in our programs and services. We want every customer to be a happy one. Brand Booty Camp is designed to show you exactly how to build a brand that magnetizes and transforms your business for the better!

You Will Become Crystal Clear
Doing this work allows you to stop apologizing for who you are and START living and loving the Whole YOU – as a brand, business, and in your life!

You Will Get Comfortable Being Visible
Imagine how you will feel when you no longer fear being seen and heard online and in person. (Priceless!)

You Will Attract More Clients/Customers
By mastering your brand messaging, marketing, and magnetism, you become irresistible to your ideal clients. (Promise!)

You Will Love Your Work
Put down the cookie cutters. YOU are unique. Let's build you a brand and biz that's as unique as your thumbprint.


Sometimes you never see it coming... the person in your life who becomes the most lovely, awesome friend, colleague, and mentor... and supports you to be and do what you are meant to be and do. Thank you Lisa Steadman for being all that and more!"

– Laura Campbell, Love Intentionalist

Visibility as a concept became super tangible to me in Brand Booty Camp. I hadn't really been monitoring the ways in which I was showing up vs. hiding. I had drawn a pretty clear line between my private life and my business life, and whoops! Hiding in private = hiding in public, at least part of the time. Wow ¨C such a huge and valuable lesson that was. And I mean in both personal growth and ka-ching. Thanks, Lisa!”

– Elizabeth Locey, Intuitive Edge for Hot Shot Entrepreneurs

I found Lisa while researching 'branding.' I watched 5 videos in her Brand Your Brilliance series. After the 5th video, I knew Lisa had what I needed. I didn't care what the cost was, I was ready to get different results in my business. Working with Lisa gave me the clarity, direction, and the confidence I needed to completely embody my brand. She gave me a strategic plan of action that has helped me accomplish what many other coaches could not. Lisa's expertise is priceless. There are coaches that give, then there are coaches like Lisa that are GIVERS.”

– Sandra James, Success Mentor For Women

Prior to Brand Booty Camp, I was trying to help everyone which meant that no one really knew what I did specifically. After being in the program I have gained a great sense of clarity on who I am here to serve and how I am here to serve them and have greatly increased my visibility + credibility through consistent branded messaging.”

– Lilly Cheng, The Self Love Luminary

Lisa's a best selling author, internationally acclaimed speaker, and highly sought after writer, producer, media personality, and mentor for visionary women who are DONE wasting time, money, energy, and effort flailing in their brands and businesses and ready to put a team behind their dream and uplevel their visibility, credibility, likability, and bankability.

“I’m passionate about taking the guess work out of your brand messaging, marketing, monetization, + magnetism. Your job is to be brilliant. My job is to make you brilliant, buzz worthy, and bankable!”   ~ Lisa